How to Flush out Sperm with Ampiclox

How to Flush out Sperm with Ampiclox: The question here is, can you actually flush out sperm with ampiclox?

Most people believe that ampiclox is capable of killing sperm just like Postinor 2. This rather still remains controversial because ampiclox is used mainly in treating infections like septicemia, urinary tract infection, pelvic infections and so on.

So some ladies, particularly Nigerians, believe taking ampiclox after unprotected sex kills the sperm in their bodies. This is rather unconventional and unproven method of contraceptives used by Nigerians ladies over a decade to flush out sperm from their body.

The reason ladies used ampiclox can be traced to the fact that these ladies in question feel going to pharmacy to buy a widely known contraceptives everyday make or devalue their image and at the same time, will make the pharmacists or chemists to begin to look them as engaging in sexual activities too much.

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So they cling to using ampiclox because that way, it will look a little bit normal to treat infections regularly than preventing pregnancies. What I’m trying to say is that, ladies prefer to use ampiclox because that way, they will hide their image of engaging in sexual activities too much.

These ladies should be educate on matters like this because it’s not a crime to prevent pregnancy. They say prevention is better than cure, is it not better to prevent pregnancy in the right way instead of going for abortion, or abusing drugs or bringing an unprepared babies to come and suffer in this world ?

What is really this ampiclox?

How to Flush out Sperm with Ampiclox
How to Flush Out Sperm with Ampiclox

Ampiclox is widely believed to be a broad spectrum formulation of ampicillin trihydrate and
cloxacillin sodium, having a broad spectrum activity against a wide range of gram negative/positive bacteria.

How to flush out Sperm with Ampiclox

Honestly, using ampiclox to flush out sperm is not a good idea and those engaging in such should stop because ampiclox is never meant for that purpose. Learning how to do such is just like time wasting.

Abusing ampiclox can leads to bacteria that is resistant to treatment; meaning, they no longer response to treatment and this may cause more serious infections.

As easy as it may look, using ampiclox to flush out sperms can decrease  the effectiveness of Oestrogen and also resolved in ineffectiveness of other drugs as it affects the gastro intestinal flora.

Ladies ignorantly believed ampiclox can flush out sperm if use well or follow all the instructions. As it stands now, ampiclox is widely believe by illiterate ladies that it’s the same as postinor 2 and as such, it’s a strong competition with postinor 2 in the pharmacy.

Till today, it’s not known if really ampiclox can flush out sperm as there’s is no study or research to prove so.

As it is now, whether this drug can or cannot flush out sperm, it should also be noted that it has it negative outcome. This is because individual bodies differ and as such, the negative impact varies from one person to another.

It’s still unknown how it works for some ladies as a method of pregnancy prevention because there’s no proper prove to this fact. This is why it’s widely advise to be very careful while using it as a method of pregnancy prevention.


Apart from postinor 2 or other well known contraceptives, all other method including using ampiclox to flush out sperm is merely a coincident or false testimonies. To worst the matter, using ampiclox regularly introduced infections to reproductive tract.