How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy

In this post, how to use guava leaves for flat tummy, you are going to discover how guava leaves can be used to fatten your tummy.


How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy
Guava Leaves and Fruits:[How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy]

Guava is scientifically called Psidium guajava a common tropical fruit found in many tropical and subtropical areas.

It is a medium-sized tree in the myrrh family, it’s native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Northern South America and Central America

Guava has long been used a herbal remedies for various health conditions in several countries including Nigeria

Drinking quava leaves tea can benefit the body in my ways. But may not make you thinner in a day or a month. The leaves can help give you a feeling of satiety without taking in too many calories and controlling other diseases that can help increase weight gain.


Many people have been using various plant parts to control abnormal conditions of the body over the years. Guava leaves and the other parts of the parent plant are among the various orthodox herbs used traditionally to manage dysentery, thyroid disorders, cancers, and infertility.

Guava leaves that has been extracted using solvents like methanol and ethanol or using water are widely used in the management of heart diseases,menstrual pain, and weight gain.

Note: Using ethanol and methanol, and other synthetic solvents are not recommended for home use or without proper guidance from medical experts. Please, do not use them until you are told to do so by a medical expert.

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Guava Leaves for Weight Loss

Several scientific reports have indicated that guava leaves can benefit you for weight loss management.

For instance, a certain study showed that the extract of guava leaves reduced lipid peroxidation, blood glucose levels, and increased insulin levels in diabetic induced rats.

Increasing levels of blood glucose are one of the many factors that cause weight gain.

And also, high levels of blood cholesterol and fatty liver are due to decreased levels of insulin and this causes fat accumulation around the tummy.

One study showed a strong connection between increased blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, and weight gain.

Yet, one more study showed that increased consumption of dietary sugars can bring obesity.

Drinking guava leaves tea or consuming guava fruits without the peels are great sources of low-calorie foods, which provides satisfaction without making you exceed the daily limit.

How to Use Guava for Weight Loss

  • Combine guava leaves with red tea
  • Or you can consume raw fruits without the outer skin
  • Also Combine guava leaves and lemon for effective weight loss
  • You can use Fresh ginger and guava leaves together for effectiveness

How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy

How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy
How to Use Guava Leaves for Flat Tummy

If you want to use guava leaves for flat tummy, you need to to collect either the fresh or dried leaves of guava.

Wash about 15 fresh leaves with clean running water, then cook the leaves in a pot at boiling temperature for about 15-20 minutes. Allow it to cool room temperature,

Drink your prepared guava tea before eating a meal or in place of morning coffee to reap the guava leaf’s weight loss benefits. This is how to use guava leaves for flat tummy

The astringents within the leaves of the guava plant will bind up the bowels and relieve symptoms of gastroenteritis, also as diarrhea.

Simply compose a menu for every week ahead and include fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and tons of water. Weight loss is one among the simplest benefits of guava tea, that’s why we use guava leaf extract and it provides tons of health benefits than others.

Not only does guava leaf relieve pain within the mouth, but a guava leaf are often ground up and used as a toothpaste to alleviate sensitivity, also as cure bad breath associated with gingivitis. And detoxifies our body with their antioxidant properties.

Drinking guava leaves tea within the morning with an empty stomach gives many health benefits like promote weight loss, blood glucose levels control, improve the gastrointestinal system, kills bad bacteria within the body, detoxify our body and more.