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Watermelon has a lot of water in it which is good in the process of doing away with excess stomach acid. This is because it has in it vitamins and minerals that is essential for the healing and preventing of bleeds. That amount of water contain in it is upto 85-90% and some amount of fiber.

Fiber which lower acid accumulated in stomach and also helps to ease pains. Watermelon also has in it citrulline, which is a molecule that helps in the process of blood vessels and it also promotes the flowing of blood in the stomach.

Sometimes too, there exist some antioxidants in watermelon. Antioxidant which help to erase or remove radicals or simply put reactive species that are found in the body. So, antioxidant acts as a vehicle of removing these free radicals from the body.

Is watermelon good for ulcer?

These radicals are cause mainly by dirty environment which causes air pollution, very common among smokers, long term stress, etc. When there’s too much stress, it can lead to cancer and heart disease, and several other ailments. So watermelon, because it contains dietary antioxidants, it helps to remove these ailments and prevent constipation and promote normal blood flow.

Fiber found in watermelon is good for ulcer in two ways;

1) It can lower the acid found in the stomach and  also helps to ease pains and bloating.
2) It is rich in vitamin A and C which helps generally as a force which prevent wounds and also improve skin texture.


So watermelon is one of the safest fruit for ulcer patient because it’s not acidic unlike other fruits that trigger ulcer pains and other stomach issues. As rightly said by Dr. Samuel Meyer, a clinical professor of medicine and gastroenterologist, water just as it’s found in watermelon helps in diluting acid found in the stomach also by reliving the pains and symptoms of ulcer.

Recent research also prove that watermelon has anti ulcer activities. Also that nitric-oxide, which is found in watermelon is generally and widely observed to increase blood flow and helps to promote and widen blood flow in the stomach. Watermelon generally helps ulcer to heal fast and quick.

In conclusion, watermelon is good for ulcer as well as ulcerative colitis & acid reflux because its not an acidic fruit.

Always consult your doctor before taking any ulcer supplement

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