Miira Cell

MIIRA CELL is a stem cell product, super nutrient and organic product that cures incurable diseases. It works on cellular level, it has the ability to enter into any tissue in the body, and repair damaged cells, activate dormant cells and regenerate new cells. Bringing the body to normal functionality, as you are treating one disease, you are treating all the diseases in the body.

Miira Cell

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What is Miira Cell Plus?

Miira-Cell+ is a food supplement product that consists more than 13 powerful organic ingredients. These ingredients provides high quality nutrition’s to our body for our daily needs.

This allows the prevention of any damage or diseases to our body. One of the most powerful ingredients Apple Stem Cell is also included in this product which helps to repair damaged cells and regenerate new cells.

Other ingredients are; bilbery extract, propolis, kiwi fruit extract, beewax etc

It also improves our body strong and vitality. It protects your healthy cells and extremely effective in anti-aging therapy.

It decreases the effects of aging and makes your skin looks fresh, elegant and younger.

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Mirra Cell Benefits

  • Improves the body’s Vigor & Vitality.
  • Protects your healthy cells.
  • Protects from outer environment & Pressure [FREE RADICALS].
  • Decreases effects of Aging
  • Extremely Effective Anti- Aging therapy
  • Makes Skin younger & Elegant
  • Fast & Effectively regenerates all the cells of the body
  • Activate the dead cells of your limbs, organs & the whole body by which it will function properly as before AS in your youthful days
  • Stemcell therapy is fully effective to cure & heal you from major diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Brain Injuries, Paralysis, BP etc.
Miira Cell
Miira Cell Benefits


13 Active Plant Extract Present in Miira-cell


  • help reduce high blood pressure
  • improve heart health
  • decrease the risk of brain damage

Goji berry

  • promotes general wellbeing and calmness of the body.
  • tunes the body for better athletic performance, sleep quality and weight loss.

Kiwi fruit

  • improves digestion
  • supports immune function and reduces dna damage
  • high in vitamin a – helps prevent nutrient-based vision loss

Salmon ovary peptide

  • promotes the health of the liver and colon
  • moisturises, repairs, defend and preserves the skin.


  • fights leukaemia and certain forms of skin and liver cancer.


  • energises and stabilises the body via its high vitamin b1, b2, and c content.
  • also contains high carbohydrates, fibre, iron, phosphorous, etc


  • has a high vitamin content and works as an anti-oxidant to prevent the action of toxins in the system thus protecting the body against ant-inflammatory disease, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, alzheimer’s diseases etc


  • used to improve eyesight especial night vision.
  • improve brain function, fight off bacteria, and reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract)

Bee propolis

  • helpful in wound healing
  • prevention of cancer cell formation

How to Take Miira Cell Plus

Put the powder under your tongue on the sublingual glands. Which is a very sensitive area, full or nerves, that transport the powder straight to the brain.

✅It tastes so good.

✅Once you take them immediately the brain will recognize the presence and sends to go and repair any damaged cells.

✅And they’ll start restoring your natural body cells.

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