Powerlife Ginger Soup

Powerlife Ginger Soup product contains Gingerol, a substance with powerful medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Ginger Soup

✓ It can treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness.
✓ Reduce muscle pain and soreness
✓ Drastically Lower Blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors.
✓ Treat Chronic Indigestion
✓ Reduces Menstrual pain
✓ Lower cholesterol Levels
✓ Prevents Cancer
✓ Improves brain function and protect Alzheimer’s Disease

Ingredients in Powerlife Ginger Soup

It is made from famous Cangshan three years old alpine ginger, high quality brown sugar as the main raw material, refined by modern technology. This product has no additives, has original flavour that is suitable for long-term drinking.

Nutritional Facts

Ginseng ANRA 1615 KJ

Protein Water Compound 95.0g

A pack contains 15 sachets

Net weight: 270g (18g x 15 pieces)